24 July 2011

過去48小時⋯⋯ The past 48 hours...

Over the past 48 hours events have occurred around the world that have shaken and appalled me – the tragic and despicable attacks in Norway and the sad loss of Amy Winehouse

The death of Amy Winehouse has shocked and saddened me, as a label-mate on Island her undeniable talent is something I have admired for many years and her incredible songs and voice will serve as an amazing legacy by which to remember her by. The noise about her private life and the sad circumstances of her death will be drowned out by her classic records which will be played for many years to come. Last night, I played Paleo Festival in Switzerland in the slot that Amy was supposed to play – it was sad and difficult to step onto the stage so soon after her death, knowing that originally she was supposed to be performing there. The show was dedicated to her and my thoughts are with her family, it is a terrible thing for a parent to lose their child

We also paused last night’s show in order to dedicate Happy Ending to the victims of the terrible terrorist attacks in Norway. Those events moved me a great deal – I could not think of a more horrific way for so many innocent young people to die for no reason whatsoever. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families

過去48小時,在這世界上發生的事令我感到無比的震驚 — 先是在挪威發生了可悲劇性和可恥的襲擊,再來是痛失天才Amy Winehouse。

Amy Winehouse的離世實在令我感到震驚和悲痛;作為她一個唱片公司裡的一個同事,她那無可抗拒的才華,一直是我這麼多年來最欣賞的。同時她那驚人的歌曲和聲音,將會成為一份美好的遺產,給鍾愛和難忘她的人好好流傳。我相信那些有關她私生活的流言蜚語,以及她死時令人痛心的狀況,必會隨著年月流逝及她的經典歌曲沖淡的。昨晚我在瑞士的Paléo音樂節代Amy演出 - 要在Amy離世後的瞬間踏上原本她要表演的舞台,真的是十分難過和困難的。我把昨晚的演出獻給她,同時我的心和掛念都會與她家人同在的,父母失去兒女從來都是件很可怕的事。

昨天我們暫停了一會,把Happy Ending這首歌獻給日前挪威慘劇中的死傷者。那些事件切切實實的觸動了我 - 我不能想像一件,比一班無辜年輕人白白犧牲來得更可怕的事。我把我的思念和禱告都奉獻給他們的家人。
Original Text by Mika via Facebook
Chinese Translation by MIKAmaze HK

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