15 February 2011

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RT @mikasounds cant WAIT to share it all, esp all the new music. the hiding is working so bear with me x

RT @mikasounds 真係好想快D同全世界分享一直以黎做過既野 — 特別係所有新寫落既歌同音樂!一直都做緊野所以冇乜蒲頭,希望大家多多包涵啦! x
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RT @mikasounds Gonna up date you all soon as to what I've been up to. I've been loosing myself in the studio, and working on different projects.

RT @mikasounds 等我遲下話你地知我近況如何!我呢排係studio入面迷失左自己,同時做緊唔同projects。
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RT @mikasounds its that time of the month again! Writing (TRYING!) my column for La Repubblica. CHECK OUT THE LATEST ONE http://tinyurl.com/6xf66up

RT @mikasounds 又到左每個月趕稿既日子!(嘗試好努力咁!)寫緊我係La Repubblica既專欄。最新果篇係度 http://tinyurl.com/6xf66up
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RT @mikasounds listening to Robyn and loving her all over again, more female should be like her

RT @mikasounds 我聽緊Robyn D歌,真係好鍾意佢呢!我覺得呢個世界要有多D好似佢咁既女人先得
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