27 February 2011

新專輯消息 New Album Updates

雖然Mika只透露了自己現在身處加拿大滿地可(蒙特利爾),沒有提到半點關於新專輯的消息;但卻有人找到Mika用的錄音室裡一名實習生Evan Colpitts的Twitter。他除了透露Mika去了他工作的地方錄音外,還講到Mika今天和澳洲樂隊Empire of the Sun,在那裡用結他擴音器嘗試了不同效果的音樂呢!

Although Mika only mentioned his current location Montreal, Canada in his last tweet, but not even a real word about his new album; someone found Evan Colpitts, who is currently having internship in Mika's recording studio, tweeted that the singer is working with Australian synthrock band, Empire of the Sun.
Seems his new album is coming closer and closer to us!

RT @evancolpitts Empire of the Sun and MIKA in the studio playing synths through guitar amps and making circus music.

RT @evancolpitts Empire of the Sun同Mika係錄音室用緊結他擴音器試合成音效,重整左D好馬戲團既音樂添。
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RT @evancolpitts Mika in the studio tomorrow. #seriousbusiness #musicmymumloves

RT @evancolpitts Mika聽日黎錄音室。 #大件事 #我媽媽鍾意既音樂
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