5 May 2011

新Mika豆腐人起名活動 Help Us Name The New Mika Tofu Doll!


Thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite Mika Tofu Doll. The response has been astounding and we are pleased to announce that we have a winner!

The Mika Doll with the most likes is…


立即到Mika Facebook頁的這篇Note下留言,講出你心目中的Mika豆腐人名字!(截止日期為2011年5月9日)我們最後會選出1名得奬者,而該名幸運兒將會得到由Mika親自送出的豆腐人公仔一隻!


But we’re not stopping there. We want your help to come up with a fitting name for this glorious new mini-Mika.

Simply comment on this Facebook post with your suggestions before Monday (9th May) and the person who submits the best name will win their very own doll personalised by Mika himself.

So get your thinking caps on and tell us your name choices!
via Mikasounds

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