5 May 2011

Mika新專輯推出有期? Mika's new album in early 2012?

早前有法國歌迷給Mika在法國的演唱會宣傳團隊Alias Production傳了電郵,查詢了一些關於Mika今年夏天在歐洲開演唱會的事。
早陣子我給Mika在法國的演唱會宣傳團隊Alias Production傳了電郵,查詢了一些關於Mika今年夏天在歐洲開演唱會的事。



這次貢比涅(Compiègne)的音樂節在Place d'Armes舉行,背靠鎮上的一座城堡,預計到時會有15,000至20,000人參加,相信整個活動必定會很精彩。




Earlier a French fan sent an email to Alias Production, which is Mika's gig promotion team in France, to ask about Mika's European gigs this summer.
In their reply, they predicted Mika's new album might be released early next year!
*is excited*
Hi guys,

I sent an email to Alias Production, which is Mika's gig promotor in France since 2007. I wanted to know a little bit more about these summer gigs.
The co-director answered me and here is what he said:
Mika decided to make a few gigs in Europe this summer, and he will play for the occasion a few new songs, but I don't know them. He makes these gigs especially to keep in touch with his fans and because he can't spend one year without being on stage, what he really loves.

The Compiègne gig should be a nice event because it will be in front of the castle, in town, on the "Place d'Armes", and there would be about 15/20 000 people.
The gig in Corsica will be really smaller. It's at Casone, in Ajaccio and there would be probably 4,500 people.
These are NOT for the promotion of his next album, because according to his major (Barclay), his new album won't be out before early 2012.

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