23 January 2011

Mika's Magic Numbers Secret Gig 2011

如果大家以前有上過Mikasounds.com,都會知道有個叫Mika's Magic Numbers嘅遊戲畀網頁會員儲分換獎。
早前MIKA終於宣佈呢個遊戲要關閉喇;為咗答謝Mika's Magic Numbers最高分數得主,MIKA特登開左一個Secret Live Show畀佢地。

If anyone of you have been to Mikasounds.com, you must be familiar with the "Mika's Magic Numbers" game, which was closed last year.
To thank the highest scorers, Mika held a secret gig few days ago, played a beautiful acoustic set.
Here's a video of him performing on that day.

Relax, Take It Easy
Blame It On The Girls


by bique23 via Youtube

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