16 March 2011

Mika在Evening Standard Mika in the Evening Standard, 11th March 2011

Two minutes with Mika
Which is your favourite Queen song?
'I Want to Break Free'; I saw an interview in which Freddie was asked if the song was about a gay man wanting to come out. He looked at the journalist dismissively, took a drag of his cigarette and told her to go ask John Deacon as he was the one who wrote it.

Which of their songs would you cover?
'It's a Kind of Magic'. It screams energy and freedom is a crazy cool anthem.

Have you ever been compared to Freddie?
Yes and it's a huge honour. My piano playing was once compared to Freddie by Brian May.

What are you up to at the moment?
I'm writing the biggest fuck off album you've ever heard. It's the best thing I've ever done.

‘I Want To Break Free’;我看過一個訪問,Freddie Mercury(英國搖滾樂隊Queen的主唱)被問到這是不是一首關於一個同志'出櫃'的歌。他有點輕視的望了望那記者,抽了一口煙,然後叫她去問問John Deacon(Queen的低音結他手);因為這歌是他寫的。
'It's a Kind of Magic' 這是一首以能量和自由來叫喊的歌,也是首又酷又瘋狂的頌歌。

有啊那是一件很榮幸的事。Brain May(Queen的結他手)曾經比較過我和Freddie彈的鋼琴。


Words by the Evening Standard
Article capture via Mikasounds.com
Translation by MIKAmaze Hong Kong

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