6 March 2011

@mikasounds - 昨夜Twitter更新及來自製作人William Orbit的新專輯消息 Twitter Updates Last Night and new album updates from William Orbit

RT @mikasounds I am in love with (alejandra) La Guzman. Had dinner. Amazing woman.
愛上Alejandra La Guzman!同佢食過飯黎,呢個女人真係犀利。
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RT @mikasounds Yelle!! Yell it. LOVE the new double vid and song. Gotta find a link. YELL YELLE. Hi btw bzzzzz
Yelle!! Yelle!! 嗌聲Yelle!! 勁鍾意佢新出個二合一video同新歌。等我搵條link畀你地睇下先得。YELLE!! YELLE!! 嗌聲YELLE!! 大家好呀話時話 Bzzzzz
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RT @WilliamOrbit off to Sarm, to record with Mika. Have worked there many times with great results and feeling very upbeat today
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RT @WilliamOrbit Looking forward to recording vocals with @mikasounds tomorrow
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Video by Yelle via Youtube
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*William Orbit - British musician, composer and record producer
*Sarm - (SARM West Studios); a recording studio located in Notting Hill, London.
Established by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records.

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