4 March 2011

Mika前往葡萄牙Festival Marés Vivas音樂節 Mika in Festival Marés Vivas 2011

Mika in Festival Marés Vivas 2011
Mika前往葡萄牙Festival Marés Vivas音樂節

After having few visits in Portugal, Festival Sudoeste in 2010 the latest; Mika is returning for a concert at Festival Marés Vivas 2011, which will be held on 14, 15 and 16th July in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto district.

The festival has already confirmed Skunk Anansie and Moby's presence for the second day of the festival, 15th July.

Ticket for daily entry costs €25 (approx HKD$272), while the 3-day-festival-pass (14th, 15th and 16th July) costs €50 (approx. HKD$544) (available at €45 (approx. HKD$489) from early June to 14th June). Tickets will be on sale from 25th February.

曾經多次到葡萄牙開演唱會,去年於Festival Sudoeste音樂節表演的Mika,將於今年回到當地,參加由7月14至16日,在波爾圖區(Porto district)加亞新城(Vila Nova de Gaia)舉行的Festival Marés Vivas音樂節。

Festival Marés Vivas音樂節方面已經確定英國Skunk Anansie樂隊,以及美國著名音樂人及DJ,Moby會為活動的第2天(7月15日)作表演嘉賓。

是次音樂節單日入場證定價€25(約 HKD$272),而3日通行證則定價€50(約 HKD$544)(由6月頭至該月14日票價將為€45(約 HKD$489))。門票將於2月25日公開發售。


Original article by Festivaispt
English Translation via Google; edited by MIKAmaze HK
Chinese translation by MIKAmaze HK

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