21 April 2011

來自Mika姊姊Paloma Penniman的信 Letter from Mika's sister, Paloma Penniman




Paloma Penniman上

Dear Marvelous Mika Fans,

I would like to thank you personally for the tremendous support you have shown me and my family since last October. The letters, flowers and gifts you have sent, and your donations to the Ambulance Service mean more to me than you could ever imagine, to say they helped sustain our morale would be a significant understatement.

I am happy to say that, while still in hospital, I am recovering very well. Rehab is focused on getting me to walk again. Although the road ahead may be long, I recognize how lucky I have been, and I intend not to waste this good fortune.

With much love,
Paloma Penniman

via Mika Fan Club

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