24 June 2011

Mika 2011年6月17日接受France Soir訪問 Mika's Interview on France Soir, 17th June 2011

Mika: "My sister's accident made me think"

At the age of only 27, the singer has a great career behind him. Meeting on the occasion of a visit to France, before a concert at Compiègne.

Orange pants, lock of hair the same color, childish smile, Mika is in Paris. Revealed in 2007 with his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion has sold in France to more than 1.2 million copies, it is about to release his third album. Last Wednesday, the singer had also made a special trip from London to talk to some journalists. And it previewed the US-Lebanese singer 27 years will sing some of his new songs during a unique concert in France on July 9 at Compiègne.

You become a star within 5 years...
No, I’m not a star. It’s funny, because I can do several concerts at Bercy, then take a walk in the street, very quietly. People look at me but do not often approach me. I’m not in the tabloids, I’m not a celebrity. Fortunately, because I tell a lot of crap and if it is known, I would be expelled from all parts of Paris!

There is a rumour that you have moved to Paris. Is it true?
I live in London and I also have a home in the U.S. because I work a lot there. For Paris, it is a false info, this is not the first … I love coming here but I could not live there because my whole family is in London. Honestly I do so much touring, it’s been five years since I live nowhere. Or rather everywhere.

Why present your new songs on stage?
I will not present the whole album, I’ll just try a few titles. I did not want to do a concert in France this summer and I wanted it to be outdoors, so that it has a taste of the festival. I chose Compiègne for the place is very beautiful. Well, I do not yet know the city but I downloaded a lot of plans Compiègne on my computer. Like that now I know where it is…

What can we expect on this new disc?
It will be a great pop album in English, also with songs in French. To do this, I chose a songwriter named Dorian, it was he who actually wrote the French version of Grace Kelly. I must admit it makes me a little scared to sing in the language of Molière…

What topics will you discuss?
He spent a lot of things in my personal life lately. The accident of my sister Paloma (who had a fall from fourth floor of his London flat, then impaled on a grid in October 2010, Ed) made me think a lot. So, I took a little break and this time I wanted to securities that are not too childish. I wrote twelve songs of love and tolerance. The album will be called The Origin of Love. I’m trying to record from Los Angeles, Miami and Montreal. For now, there are seven songs ready, and I need two.

How is your sister?
She made enormous progress. She fights. It is now surprising everyone… She wants to prove she can walk again and lead a completely normal life. I have no doubt about its success and the doctors are even amazed. It was hard for me, but, working in depth on this new CD really helped me.



橙色長褲,一綹相同顏色的頭髮,像小孩一樣的笑容,Mika現身處巴黎。2007年出道推出Life In Cartoon Motion大碟,在法國的銷量達120萬之多;也是時候推出第三張專輯了。上個星期三Mika就跟了一些記者來了一次特別的倫敦行,也談了自己的一些事;同時這位27歲的美國黎巴嫩混血兒歌手,也預告了他將會在7月9日貢比涅這場獨一無二的個唱上跟大家表演新歌。




它將會是一隻很棒的英語流行專輯,也會收錄幾首法文歌。我找了一位叫Dorian的作曲人,就是當年寫法語版Grace Kelly的那位。我承認要我唱Molière的語言,我是有點怕的⋯⋯

近來我在自己的私人生活上花了不少精力。我姊姊Paloma的意外(去年10月Mika的姊姊Paloma從她倫敦的住所單位4樓高處墮下,並被圍欄刺過身體)令我想深了點。所以從那時開始我稍息了一會,並決定今次我要表現得不再幼稚。我寫了12首關於愛與包容的歌。新專輯將會叫‘The Origin of Love’。我嘗試在洛杉磯、邁亞密和蒙特利爾錄音。現階段我已經完成了7首歌,我還需要多2首。


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