24 June 2011

Mika 2011年6月22日接受Courrier Picard訪問 Mika's Interview on Courrier Picard, 22nd June 2011

For his only show in France happening at the beginning of July, Mika tells us about his anticipated third record.

Mika, real name Mica Penniman, born August 18 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. After 8 years in Paris, he moves to London to continue his studies. At 19, he decides to quit school to start his artistic career.

He sings at the Royal Opera House and writes jingles. He starts being known in 2006 via Myspace.

His first single, Relax, take it easy is a real success: top position in Brittish charts due only to downloads. Followed my by the single Grace Kelly, his first album Life in cartoon motion is a success. It will be followed in september 2009 by The boy who knew too much.

This pop icon chose Compiègne to try his new creations, July 9 at the Palais Impérial.

Why a show in France?
A show in France between the 2 albums makes me get out of the studio and test my songs in englush as well as 2 or 3 in French. We need a balance and not get away too much from the audience, being free.

And why Compiègne and the palais impérial?
It’s a special place. And its not far from Paris, 40 minutes. I wanted a festival, i wanted a feeling, a new look. The place is perfect for the “mood” of the new CD. A little bit like the Louvre.

Are you already familiar with the place?
Yes, a little bit. When i was a kid, we drove by it with my parents. Its a good occasion to come back to the town.

You will sing new songs but also old ones?
Yes, a few (smiles).

Why so much secret about this new album?
I think its the opposite, there's no secret. I wanted it to be more relaxed. Thats why i wanted to present this album during a show, while its not done like that usually. This CD is mostly about the origin of love. I also talk about tolerance. It’s both sad and rhythmic. But its not done yet. Its frustrating.

What have been your main inspirations for this album?
I didn’t want to talk about my childhood or my teenage years, but about religion and politics. There's a song on the record where we forget about religion, forget about Adam and Eve, and reinvent love and talk about tolerance. There're 12 love songs but all different. I wanted make the concept of a love song about desire, which is the most important thing.

How is it different from the previous CDs?
There're more collaborations, even if i wrote most of the songs. With collaborations, there's more energy. They could help me. While i did the second CD alone, for this one i wanted to work with all the people i love in the world.

When will it be released?
2012, but a few singles will be out before when they’ll be ready.


Mika,原名Mica Penniman,1983年8月18日於黎巴嫩貝魯特出生。在巴黎生活了8年後,他搬到倫敦繼續他的學業。在他19歲那年,他確定離開學校開展他的演藝事業。他在皇家歌劇院唱歌,也會為廣告作曲。他在2006年開始透過MySpace成名。

他的第一首單曲Relax, Take It Easy獲得空前的成功,並成為線上下載歌曲的銷量榜首。
Mika其後推出另一首單曲Grace Kelly,再以首張大碟Life In Cartoon Motion取得另一次的成功。他更在2009年9月發行第2張專輯The Boy Who Knew Too Much。





會的,幾首吧 。(微笑)




Original article in French via Courrier Picard
English Translation by LilStar via MFC
Chinese Translation by MIKAmaze HK

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