19 June 2011

Mika 2011年6月18日接受LCI Matin Weekend電視訪問 Mika's Interview on LCI Matin Weekend, 18th June 2011

LCI: Hello Mika!

Mika: Hello!

LCI: Thank you very much to accept our invitation. You're back, after a year without seeing you in Europe, with a third album in process, let's talk about it. So there is a tour, some shows, notably in Compiègne. Why do you choose Compiègne?

Mika: It's the only show that I will be in France.

LCI: We could wait for you in Paris.

Mika: Sorry?

LCI: *speaks up* We could wait for you in Paris.

Mika: Oh yes, but in Compiègne, the place looks beautiful, and it's only at 40min from Paris, so it's nearly Paris. It's very easy to go there. It's just in front of the Palais Impérial, it's an amazing place. I want to do something in the open air, something quite "summerish". It's really the only show that I will be in France this summer, before the third album. I'm in studio since 5 month, it's good to go out and do some shows.

LCI: To say "do something else and be on stage again"?

Mika: Yeah. It gives to me a different king of energy. I think it's important to test news things. For example, I will test some news' album songs. At the same time I wrote the album, I started to write song in french. It's not french versions of the english one, these songs only exist in french. I will sing one or two of these songs for the fisrt time at Compiegne. It will be the first time that I sing my own french song.

LCI: Speaking of that, the french audience often ask if you will sing in french...

Mika: Yes, everybody was asking me! A lot of people asking me. I sang covers before...

LCI: Grace Kelly, for example?

Mika: Yes, Grace Kelly too. I often did Barbara's covers, even when the people didn't want to hear that! I was singing "La Solitude" in the Eurockéennes! (laugh). But here, it will be my songs.

LCI: How many songs will be in french in this album?

Mika: Heu... No, it's doesn't a part of it, it's more like a bonus, a surprise for my fans in France. It's 4 or 5 songs, 4 songs just in French, but it's aside. It's an album in English, 12 songs in English, with that along.

LCI: So let's talk about this third album. In the last two albums, you talk about childhood, teenage years. So now, in which universe will you take us?

Mika: It's totally different, and I say that totaly sincerely. It's very different, like a new beggining. It's a little weird to talk about the third album because I'm still doing it. It will be finish this year to be out at the begging of next year. But you can probably hear new songs few months before. You will hear singles in next months. It's sound like a mix of Fleetwood Mac, Empire of the Sun, and Tron, the sample of "Tron" made by Daft Punk. So it's a little more electronic, but with organic elements. I don't know... it's very cheerful, very sincere and more adult, with the themes, what I'm talking about. There isn't childish or adolescent feelings. It's a sound very honest, and very liberated.

LCI: Where did you record this album ? You still working on it.

Mika: I was working... So, last year, I was on tour until november because the second record tour lasted one year and half. We also have a lot of difficulties in my family, because my sister had a serious accident in last october. It was like if my family's life, expect for the shows i did, was on break.

I started to work on february, in Montreal, with Empire of the Sun, an australian group which was in Montreal to work on "Le Cirque du Soleil" show. I went there without know what to do, I was saying to myself "what am i doing here ? I don't even know what I want to do".

LCI: Do you need to immerse yourself again in the work?

Mika: I immersed myself in a complet different environnement, I never recorded in Montreal before. Then, I didn't go home during three month and half. I left Montreal for Miami, Los Angeles, Miami again, Montreal again, I was touring, I was touring, and I went back with the half of my album. It was like a kind of... I don't know... it's really help me. It refresh me in every way. It's important, it was like if everything happen last year was a break, and a new beginning.

LCI: Precisely, it's true that the tragedy, which touched your family and your sister in particular, touched a lot your fan, you sent to them a few messages...

Mika: No, no, it's not true, they didn't sent "a few" messages. She was in a Hospital in London, called the Royal London hospital. She received a hundred of messages, it was incredible, the hospital was complety shocked. The most of these were french. It was letters, flowers, Carebears, she started to collect the carebears. Do you say that? Carebears? Teddybears? They collected it and gave to children in the hospital because we had too much. It was incredible. She was totally shocked and very touched to see that.

LCI: So, how is she?

Mika: She is really fine, she is very strong, she is inspiring, it's inspiring me, but at the same time, it's scared me, because I never see a women... She will be thirty the next week... In fact she will be thirty just before the Compiègne's show. And she's fighting, she's complety convinced that she will walk again. She's already showing at everybody, the specialists and all the doctors, that she's doing a few step. It's incredible, really incredible, I never see someone fighting this way. She doesn't care about what people say, she will be sucessful. Everything we do in our lives is quiet common place comparative with that.

LCI: Ok! Thank you very much! We will meet you again in July in Compiègne, and so in the begging in 2012 for your third record?

Mika: The album in the begginig of 2012 yes, and the singles before I hope, but we'll see. I am a little scared because they just tell me that le Palais (Impérial) is really the Napoleon's palais, and we are doing a theme for this show, because it's a new show, visually too. It's a little... a little Louvre, and my singer, my musicians, are dressed like if they were in Marie-Antoinette's court.

LCI: So it's Marie-Antoinette for the dresses?

Mika: *laughs* There will be a huge guillotine!

LCI: You mix Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon?

Mika: Napoleon, Marie-Antoine! Right, we'll see! Rendez-vous the 9 July, in Compiègne!

LCI: Thank you very much Mika, and see you very soon in Compiègne and for the new album!

LCI:Hello Mika!












LCI:例如Grace Kelly?

Mika:對,也有唱過Grace Kelly的法文版呢。雖然很多人不喜歡聽,但其實我常翻唱Barbara的歌!我試過在Eurockéennes音樂節唱過“La Solitude”的!(笑)但今次全都將會是我自己的歌。


Mika:呃⋯⋯不,它們不是專輯的一部分,說它們是bonus、和給我法國fans的一個驚喜會比較恰當。這些bonus有4至5首吧 ,4首是全法文的,不是主打的。新專輯是張英文專輯,裡面12首都是英文歌,加上那幾首bonus一起合成這張專輯。


Mika:我很誠懇的告訴你,這次的專輯跟以前的是完全不同的。真的很不同,就像一個新開始一樣。現階段談我的第三張專輯感覺怪怪的,我始終還未完成啊。專輯預計今年內完成,明年年頭推出。可是你大概能在推出的幾個月前聽到一些新歌呢!或許未來幾個月內我會推出單曲吧。專輯聽起來會像Fleetwood Mac、Empire Of The Sun,和Daft Punk的“Tron”的混合。所以曲風會比較電子,但同時又不失有機元素。我也不太清楚呢⋯⋯無論如何它將會是張很愉快,誠懇的專輯,而題材方面則會成人一點;不會再有任何天真幼稚的感覺在內。它將會收錄所有既真誠又自由(解放)的聲音。

我在2月開始工作,我到了蒙特利爾,跟正在那裡為太陽劇團(Le Cirque du Soleil)工作的澳洲樂團,Empire Of The Sun合作。剛到那裡的時候,我不知道自己該做些甚麼。我甚至跟自己說,“我在這裡幹嘛?我連自己想怎樣也不知道。”







LCI:好!非常感謝你!我們 7月在貢比涅再見吧;所以在2012年年頭能聽到你的第三張專輯嗎?

Mika:沒錯,它將於2012年年頭面世,希望能在那之前推出一些單曲吧,看進度吧 。他們告訴我比亞里茲真的是拿破崙的皇宮來的,弄得我有點害怕;而因為演唱會是新的,視覺上也是,所以我們也為它另定了主題。會有一點羅浮宮的味道吧 ;而我的樂隊也會穿得像他們在瑪麗皇后的庭院(法庭?)裡一樣。







English translation by Nanouch on MFC
Chinese translation by MIKAmaze HK
Video uploaded by AFerrariM via Youtube, owned by LCI

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