23 December 2010

Happy Birthday to Cherisse Osei the drummer

趁今日佢鼓手Cherisse Osei生日,我地就認識下佢啦!

We are all already very familiar with Mika, but how much do you know about his band?
Let's know a little bit more about his drummer Cherisse Osei, on her birthday today!

Cherisse Osei(全名Cherisse Ofosu Osei)自12歲開始開始打鼓,曾參與不同風格的音樂工作和演出,包括流行音樂(Pop)、搖滾(Rock)、R&B、爵士樂(Jazz)、Blues和Heavy Metal。
Cherisse Osei在2004-2006年,與Molly Mcqueen曾是Polydor Records旗下,Pop/ Punk搖滾樂隊The Faders的成員。
除了打鼓外Cherisse也當過5年的結他手和主唱/ 和音。

Cherisse Osei (Cherisse Ofosu Osei) has been drumming since the age of 12.
Music style – wide ranging from Pop, Rock, RnB, Jazz, Blues and Heavy metal.
She has experienced recording in the studio – have done a variety of session work.
She was part of a pop/punk/rock band called The Faders from 2004-2006 with Molly Mcqueen. Were signed to Polydor Records UK.

She has played Guitar for about 5 years + voice.
She recently drums for British pop-star Mika's studio records and playing shows with him.

Cherisse Osei Drum Solo

Love Today Drumming - Mika and Cherisse (Live @Hammersmith)

Mika - Blame It On The Girls Acoustic Abbey Road plus interview


Introduction text via Cherisse Osei on myspace
Photo via Delfi
Photo via Beirut Night Life

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