8 December 2010

Mika蠟像於巴黎揭幕 Paris unveils Mika waxwork model

巴黎格雷萬蠟像館(Grévin Museum)日前加入Mika蠟像,畀佢喺呢間著名嘅蠟像館入面永遠留存!




Musée Grévin, the legendary waxwork museum in Paris have immortalised Mika in wax!

The French musuem is a big attraction for both the country’s residents and tourists and holds some of the world’s best waxwork figures.

The Mika model was unveiled last night and Mika was there to pose with himself. Both he and his waxwork wore the same clothes during the packed ceremony.

Can you tell the real Mika from the model one?
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Text and photo via Mikasounds.com
Cantonese Translation by Mikamaze
Photos via WireImage
Photos via Getty Images
Photos via Photobucket

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