11 December 2010

Mikamaze Exclusive 限定: Christmas & New Year Give It All Away!!!!!!! 聖誕新年送小禮!!!

千祈唔好錯過呀 X)

MIKAmazeing Christmas + New Year Giveaway session is
extended to the 23rd Dec!!!!!
Grab your chance now!!!! X)



Mika上年去澳洲嘅時候,喺一個當地電台節目中唱咗Let It Snow呢首歌,流傳開去之後好多fans都好鍾意架。


Before announcing the details of our Giveaway session, we want to give you the first amazing gift of this Christmas!
When Mika was touring in Asia, he played Let It Snow on an Australian radio show, it then became very popular among his fans - he even played a duet with Utada Hikaru when he was in Japan last year!
At last he made a studio version of this song when he was back, and was freely shared to Korean and Japanese Universal Music letter subscribers (most of his fans have this song after that for sure :D).

So if you missed it last year, here's the chance again!
Click the link above to get the track - we are going to share it until 9th January, 2011.





So it is what we've been talking about!!!
Firstly take a look at this year's presents list!
(Click on the pic to enlarge)


And then!

Have a nice week! (^O^)/


Music via Universal Music


Anonymous said...

等我講下點解會鍾意Mika啦!2007年,隔離位有個鍾意聽外國歌既同學不停唱GraceKelly,然後不斷同我宣傳Mika好好聽好有才愛,而我又嘗試去聽,嘩,真係不得了,立刻愛上!!每次去睇Mika我都同呢位朋友一齊^_^ 佢第一次黎香港開gig,我地勁打電話去電台拎飛,又好好彩我地拎到!排隊入場果陣Mika突然出現!全部人衝去影相同簽名,但可惜我一直企佢後面都竟然簽唔到名。之後兩次音樂會都有去睇,每次都企起身跟著Mika既音樂不停彈彈彈,真係好正!我覺得Mika既音樂令我好開心好開心,希望Mika每年都會黎香港開音樂會啦: )

AnnaPenniman said...

Dearest Mika,
I'm your sincere fan from Hong Kong!:)
your songs are full of joy and power!
When i'm tried or wanna give up, you let me know that we are golden!
you are just like a motor, giving me power! Thank you very much!
...I'll never forget your 2010 concert in Hong Kong!
it was awesome, me and my friend can't stop screaming! LOL
One thing is sure, all audience enjoyed every minute of your performance♥
Waiting for your third album!:D
Finally, Wish you and your family have a super merry Christmas!

Anna xx
email: yipyingsauanna@hotmail.com

Carrie said...

我認識Mika o既時候.我好記得係903某個DJ播左首"We Are Golden",俾佢o既歌聲吸引住.之後,我就開始係youtube到搵佢o既歌以及係Wiki到搵佢係何方神聖,點知搵左一首叫做"Love Today"o既歌.就開始鐘意左佢.
對佢o既第一個印象係"佢係唔係痴線架"未見過有一個人唱歌可以唱到咁勁,我覺得佢係完全love in music.
佢個Hong Kong Show真係令我好難忘.佢係好nice,搞到個個睇show o既都好有童真,好開心.
Dear Mika,
I love your music so much.You let me to know how we should face to the music.
Your songs let me feel happy when me are sad.
I am looking forward to your show in Hong Kong again,and your CD album.Your music are magic.Let me feel how crazy you are.
I hope you can have a happy Christmas and keep on making the songs let make people happy :D

e-mail: carrie_wan217@hotmail.com