31 December 2010

回顧 Lookback - Mika on Britawards 2008

新一年祝大家每日甜過Lollipop,多姿多彩過Grace Kelly,日日都Love Today!

今次share嘅係Mika 2008年喺Britawards嘅表演!
有Love Today同Grace Kelly — 重中間夾住一個surprise,唔知會係咩呢?

It's nearly 2011!
Wish you all a Happy and MIKAful New Year!!!

This time we are going to share Mika's live performance at the Brit Awards in 2008.
Mika sang Love Today and Grace Kelly in the performance, and brought the audiences a surprise!

冇錯!除咗Love Today同Grace Kelly之外,Mika當時重同老友The Gossip主唱Beth Ditto合唱佢哋嘅Standing In The Way Of Control添!

Yes! Mika also sang a duet with Beth Ditto, of rock band The Gossip's Standing In The Way Of Control that night!
Here's the original version of the song X)


Mika is now having his holiday and making his new album at the same time.
Do anyone of you miss him?
He was spotted when he was buying coffee from a shop!

Again wish you all a HAPPY 2011!!! *hugs*


Video uploaded by AngrealTV via Youtube
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