23 December 2010

Mika探訪意大利米蘭San Raffaele醫院 Mika visited San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

一邊寫新碟一邊放緊假嘅Mika,就喺今個月頭(12月3日)去咗意大利米蘭,帶同禮物去到當地嘅San Raffaele醫院探訪入面嘅小朋友同一班年輕嘅捐血者。佢除咗同嗰度嘅小朋友玩之外,重即場身體力行捐血添!
Other than writing songs and doing shows, Mika is also keen on charity work.
Mika, who is having holiday and making his third album at the same time, visited young blood donors and young patients, in San Raffaele Hospital of Milan on 3rd December. The singer played games with the children and gave them presents. He even did blood donation on that day!


Photos via Ginger Generation
Photos via Facebook

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