25 October 2010

Fans Share 歌迷分享 - Mika in Tunis Mika在突尼斯

Keep digging in Mika's gig in Tunis!

According to Lyli21 on MFC, the show was as amazing and epic as usual.
As Mika had lost his setlist on that day, he had to sing songs randomly.
(Although Lyli was a bit disappointed about not seeing him playing Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These), which she heard in the rehearsal session) This still kept the whole crowd in excitement and craze, they didn't stop screaming, jumping and dancing over the whole show!

He mentioned his sister Paloma, who had an accident some days ago. He dedicated the show to her. He told us that he was going to cancel the gig, but as Paloma was getting better he's very happy that he could still play in Tunis.

He then sang Happy Ending in tears (most likely) - but we can still relieve seeing his success and smile in this show. (:

Mika in his Golden Paloma jacket, dedicating the show to his sister
Mika穿著繡上代表Paloma白鴿繡章的外套回到舞台, 把當晚演出獻給姊姊


當晚Mika因為不見了歌單, 所以要很隨便的找歌來唱。可是這沒有影響當晚的氣氛,演唱會中的觀眾仍然很投入且瘋狂的尖叫和跳動!
(雖然Lyli對看不到Mika在綵排中出現過的Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) 有點失望)

Mika後來說,他要把這場個唱獻給他日前遇到意外的姊姊Paloma,並坦言他曾經打算取消當晚的演出 — 可是很高興姊姊現在情況穩定了下來,他也能依照原定計劃到Tunis演出。他在唱Happy Ending時似乎眼濕濕 — 但看見他當晚的演出那麼成功,我想大家也能放心了。

Extrait "Relax, Take It Easy"
Palais des sports d'el Menzah
Tunis 23.10.2010

Extrait "Love Today"
Palais des sports d'El Menzah, Tunis

Palais des sports d'El Menzah, Tunis
"Stuck in the Middle"
Palais des Sports d'El Menzah, Tunis
"Dr John"
Palais des Sports d'El Menzah, Tunis
"Happy Ending"
Palais des Sports d'El Menzah, Tunis

"Kick Ass"
Palais des Sports d'El Menzah, Tunis


Photos and Videos by Lyli21 via MFC

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