30 October 2010

Lookback 回顧 - Mika Dolce Vita Interview in Hong Kong Mika 2007年在明珠生活的訪問

我們會定期貼 MIKA過去的videos、照片或訪問在這裡,如果大家有甚麼特別有興趣知道/ 看的、有關MIKA東西隨便開聲 - 我們會盡力滿足你們的要求!

既然是第一次不如就看回MIKA在2007年來香港在明珠生活的訪問! (^O^)/

For the first time, let's go back to 2007 when it was his first time coming to Hong Kong! (^O^)

We are going to share old videos, pictures and even interviews of MIKA from time to time - Please tell what you are interested in and we'll try our best to look for them!

Have a nice weekend! X)


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