27 October 2010

Fans Share 歌迷分享 (Part 1) - Mika in Coimbra Mika在科英布拉

Mika is back to Europe after his Tunis gig and had another in Festa das Latas of Coimbria, Portugal on Monday. It is his last Europe gig of the year, while it is the third last gig of the year.

Mika looked tired before the gig, he said he couldn't do any singing when his fans were queuing; he only took few presents from them and signed and autograph for a little boy. However it doesn't mean the gig was turning a disappointing one - he was still joking, singing and dancing like crazy on stage, and all were so natural and sincere. We can be even more sure his sister is really fine now!

There is less than a month from Mika playing in South America (Argentina & Brazil), wish he's having a really good rest now! X)

(More pics & vids coming!)

Ticket to Fasta das Latas
Fasta das Latas的入場證

Mika在突尼斯 (Tunis) 的演唱會結束後很快就回到歐洲,並在前天參加了在葡萄牙科英布拉 (Coimbra) 的Festa das Latas音樂節。這是Mika今年在歐洲的最後一場演唱會,也是今年尾三的一個演唱會;有幸到現場的fans又怎能把握機會跟Mika一起盡興呢?

Mika在演唱會前看起來很累,除了收了一些歌迷的禮物和為一個小孩簽名外甚麼也沒做,話也不多 — 可是演唱會完全沒有令大家失望喔!Mika當晚還是如孩子一樣,盡情地在台上跑跑跳跳、唱歌說笑 — 我們可以更加肯定他姊姊Paloma已經很平安了!

距離現在還有少於一個月的時間,Mika就要到南美洲完成餘下兩個在南美洲的演出(分別在阿根延和巴西);希望他能好好 (也乖乖)的休息啦!X)


"Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)"
I never know Jimmy is a hair stylist (?!)
新頭髮太好玩了吧 (笑

"Grace Kelly"
Oops hat broken lol

"Kick Ass"
Ready? C'mon! Ah-ah-oh! Ah-ah-oh! Ah-ah-oh! Ah-ah-oh! Ah-ah-oh!

"Blue Eyes"


Kick(ing Jimmy's) Ass lol
現在只要擔心低音結他手Jimmy的屁股好了 (笑


Meet and Greet after show.


Photos by tiibet via MFC
More photos by Liliana via MFC
Videos by Liliana & tiibet via MFC

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