24 October 2010

Orange Tunisies - Mika in Tunis Mika在突尼斯

Mika's gig in Orange Tunisies is ended last night. The boy is back on stage with a new hair cut, adding his special dedication to his sister Paloma - the gig is as epic as usual. We can officially say our boy is back, and we still love him.

Let's have a quick glance of the gig last night! (;

(More updates later!)

Mika第一次在突尼斯市 (Tunis) Orange Tunisies的個唱終於在昨晚圓滿結束了。回到舞台的Mika剪短了頭髮,更把這場演唱會特地獻給日前遇到意外的姊姊Paloma,整個演唱會進行得很順利,總算讓大家放下心來。




Photos via Orange Tunisies

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