28 October 2010

@mikasounds - Mika thanking his fans for a collective donation in Paloma's name Mika感謝歌迷以姊姊Paloma名義,為倫敦飛行救傷隊辦集體募捐

While we were updating news on MIKAmaze, Mika tweeted that he was very thankful to the MFC's thoughtful act for a collective donation to the Air Ambulance Unit in his sister's name. (:

就在我們update MIKAmaze期間,Mika在twitter上提到去醫院探望姊姊Paloma,知道了歌迷以Paloma名義為英國飛行救護隊集體募捐的事,十分感激。(:

RT @mikasounds Just got to the hospital to visit my sister Paloma and she has told me what my Fan Club have done for her. It's amazing... They sent her flowers and a letter explaining that members of the MFC had made a collective donation in her name to the Air Ambulance Unit. Thank you so much. What a thoughtful thing to do. She absolutely loved it.

RT @mikasounds 我剛去了醫院看姊姊Paloma,她告訴我歌迷們為她所做的事 — 太美好了…… 他們給她送了花和一封信,裡面提到MFC裡的歌迷辦了一次以姊姊Paloma名義,為飛行救護隊的集體募捐。太感謝了。真的很貼心。她很喜歡。
If you also want to show your love to Paloma, your thankfulness for London's Air Ambulance and help more people in need - you can donate here. (=


And of course you can still leave your messages and blessings to Paloma on MFC's Best Wishes to Paloma Thread or on Mikafans.net's "Get Well Paloma guestbook", to show your love and support to Paloma and her family.

當然大家仍可以到MFC的「Best Wishes to Paloma」頁Mikafans.net的留言板上留下對Paloma和她家人的鼓勵和祝福!


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