17 November 2010

訪問 Interview: Channel 13 - Mika in Chile 智利

Mika已經到咗智利喇!啱啱重接受咗當地電視台Channel 13嘅訪問添!

畀住幾張相、重有訪問主持人Andrés Caniulef提過Mika嘅tweet你睇先!:D

Mika is already in his first South America stop Chile, and has just taken part in a local telly channel Channel 13's interview!
His first South America gig will start tonight, so let's wait and see!

Few photos from the interview and tweets of the host Andrés Caniulef, enjoy! :D

Mika已經到了智利,並剛剛接受了當地電視台Channel 13的訪問!

先看看幾張從訪問拍來的照片和主持人Andrés Caniulef提及過Mika的tweets吧!

RT @acaniulef Currently only # Telenoche see Mika interview in Chile ... plus: Scissor Sisters ... stars of the night glam of http://yfrog.com/72j4bsj SUE
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RT @acaniulef Mika in Chile!!!!!!! http://yfrog.com/5ttjdvj
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RT @acaniulef Editing the Mika note http://yfrog.com/b8ytepj
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