20 November 2010

@mikasounds - Mika在Twitter談及在阿根延和巴西的演唱會 Mika tweets about the Argentina and Brazil gig


Mika's latest Twitter update!

RT @mikasounds Heading to Sao Paulo tomorrow. We are trying to pull off our most ambitious visual/light show yet for the gig tomorrow.

RT @mikasounds 聽日我地會去聖保羅。我地會將至今為止最震撼嘅視覺同燈光效果帶到去聽日嘅演唱會入面。
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RT @mikasounds Hola Buenos Aires. I have loved this city. The gig tonight was amazing. The first of many I hope

RT @mikasounds Hola布宜諾斯艾利斯。我已經愛上咗呢個城巿喇。今晚嘅演唱會真係好正。去咗咁多個演唱會,呢個算係第一個喇我諗
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