28 November 2010

回顧 Lookback - Mika在香港 2009 Mika in Hong Kong 2009

上年嘅前日 — 11月26號係MIKA第一次喺香港開公開演唱會嘅日子,今個星期當然係睇返佢喺香港時拍嘅Video Blog啦!=D

唔知大家有冇去過任何Mika喺香港開嘅live show呢?2007年?2009年?或者今年?
快啲去我哋嘅facebook page分享啦!
2 days ago, 26th Nov of last year, Mika had his first ever public gig in Hong Kong; let's rewind a bit and see how his tour was through his video blog! =D

We wonder if anyone of you've been to any of Mika's Hong Kong gigs? In 2007, 2009 or this year?
We'd like to hear your amazing experience going to a Mika gig from you!
Head our facebook page to share if you have any!

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Video by Mikasoundsblog via Youtube

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