20 November 2010

回顧 Lookback - Mika在法國雜誌TÊTU上照片拍攝的幕後花絮 Mika photoshoot for French magazine TÊTU 2009

Mika喺阿根廷Hot Festival嘅演唱會啱啱完咗之後,又到咗今個禮拜嘅回顧!


After the end of Mika's Argentina gig at Hot Festival just now, let's have a litte Lookback of the week!
This week we'll be watching the Making of session of Mika's photoshoot for French magazine TÊTU #147.
Of course we will share the photos of it to you all Mikamaze readers too!

For photos and news of the gig just ended and will be held today in Brazil, we will keep you updated as soon as we have any news!
Have a nice weekend! (^O^)/

MIKA pose pour TÊTU
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Photos by Nicolas Wagner via TÊTU

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