21 November 2010

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RT @mikasounds was on a BA flight this afternoon from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo with the scissor sisters, hot chip and phoenix. the pop shuttle

RT @mikasounds 今日下晝同Scissor Sisters, Hot Chip同Phoenix喺布宜諾斯艾利斯(Buenos Aries)一齊搭飛機去聖保羅(São Paulo) — Pop star穿梭機!
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RT @mikasounds just got back to the hotel, went to bar secreto after one of the best gigs of the year. i couldnt have ended on a better note, thank you

RT @mikasounds 啱啱返到酒店,喺今年最正嘅一場表演完之後靜雞雞落咗間酒吧。我諗唔到點樣可以寫一段更好嘅note作結喇,多謝你哋!
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