20 November 2010

Metro 95.1: Mika流行馬戲團於Hot Festival大放異彩 Mika pop circus shone in Hot Festival

當地嘅Metro 95.1除咗為大家影咗一堆靚相之外,重對佢今次演唱會有唔錯嘅評價架!


While waiting for more of Mika's upcoming last gig in São Paulo, Brazil; we have to take a look of the photos of his Buenos Aries, Argentina gig for sure!
Metro 95.1 of Argentina has taken a bunch of gig photos and given Mika's gig few positive comments!
They even had an audio interview with Mika when he was in Argentina!

Metro 95.1 Interview - Entrevista a Mika en Metro y Medio

El circo pop de Mika brilló en el Hot Festival

Mika pop circus shone in Hot Festival
Mika流行馬戲團於Hot Festival大放異彩

Vocal skills, attitude and an undeniable stage pop talent. All this brought Mika on the main stage of the Hot Festival, and at night fall to the grounds of Costanera Sur. In a set of one hour, the Lebanese-born singer poured his barrage of melodic hits.

The piano or microphone in hand, Mika began his show with "Relax", "Big Girl" and "Stuck in the Middle" and did not overlook any of the highlights of his career. For the closing four songs are classic pop and current dance: "Love Today", "We Are Golden", "Grace Kelly" and "Lollipop."

靚聲、態度,加上無法抗拒喺舞台上嘅天份 — 就喺夜晚將Mika帶到去Hot Festival,Costanera Sur嘅台上。短短一個鐘頭,呢個出生於黎巴嫩嘅歌手帶同一連串勁歌,施展渾身解數。

Mika以"Relax"、"Big Girl"同"Stuck in the Middle"作為今次演唱會嘅序幕。無論係彈琴定揸咪唱歌,都唔會令你忽略到佢歌唱事業上任何一樣精彩嘅細節。而Mika當晚以佢經典嘅流行歌同舞曲"Love Today"、"We Are Golden"、"Grace Kelly"同"Lollipop"四首歌作結。


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