3 November 2010

Mika主持2010「MTV歐洲音樂大獎」特輯 Mika hosting MTV EMA 2010's Nominees Hot List

Mika分別喺2010 MTV歐洲音樂大獎嘅最佳男歌手、最佳Push歌手同最佳流行獎提名特輯做主持。

Mika hosting MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards) 2010's Nominees Hot List for Best Male, Best Push and Best Pop.
Stay tuned to MTV if you can watch it on telly!

Mika分別為2010 MTV歐洲音樂錄影帶大獎的最佳男歌手、最佳Push歌手和最佳流行獎提名特輯主持。

Showing time for MTV EMA (Eurpoe Music Awards) 2010
MTV Asia 亞洲
香港時間 Hong Kong time - 9:00pm, 8th Nov

MTV Taiwan 台灣
當地及香港時間 Local and Hong Kong time - 11:00pm, 8th Nov
當地時間 Local time - 9:00am on 7th Nov
香港時間 Hong Kong time - 10:00pm

Some words are not clearly heard; feel free to correct me!)

Hi! This is Mika.
The next hour I will be taking you through the EMA nomination's Hot List for Best Male, Best Push and Best Pop, at this year's EMAs.
2010 has been an amazing year for music. And the EMAs, on 7th November in Madrid, will be THE day with the biggest and best act celebrated.
And a few will take home with a prestigious MTV award.
I remember performing at the EMAs in 2007 and being nominated in serveral catergories and - I remember how that felt.
So what're the better ways to introduce the following, by giving you a taste of who's out from one of the biggest prizes of the night.
I was on the list last year, and here are this year's 5 nominations on the EMA Hot List for Best Male.
Hi! 我係Mika。
跟住落嚟一個鐘我會帶大家睇下今年MTV歐洲音樂大獎(EMA) — 最佳男歌手、最佳Push同最佳流行獎嘅提名。
我記得2007年嘅時候我喺EMA度表演過,同時都喺幾個獎度被提名 — 我重好記得當時嘅感受 — 好深刻。
我上年曾經都出現過喺提名名單上 — 跟住落嚟係今年EMA最佳男歌手嘅5個提名 —

Usher, who sold over 45 million today; and well, Eminem who's got a platter of No.1 hits in his bedroom.
So now we're all thinking, "How can anyone compete with those things?"
Well, the next artist released his debut album "My World". It went straight to No. 1, and was a certified platium. And at the tenor age of 16, I guess you could say he's just getting one up.
好,跟住就有個歌手出咗佢第一隻大碟叫My World;一出唔止去到冠軍寶座,而且重要係白金銷量添。
Hot List for Best Male awards, at the 2010 EMAs. Another really tough category but will be revealed on the 7th Nov.
Coming up we'll be looking through the nominees of the Best Push and Best Pop awards - so keep it here.
Best Male, Best Push and Best Pop Nominees at this year's EMAs, which will be taking place on the 7th Nov in Madrid.
So, let's move on to the nominees for Best Push.
One of the great things about MTV is how they push new artists; and that is what this category is about.
In my opinion this is one of the most important prizes of the night.
And here are the new acts that MTV's been pushing during the 2010.
...or just started in the industry. So it's completely understandable that these guys are fighting until a bitter end.
Let's jump back in the ring and find out who else is competing for Best Push.
These are Best Push awards. Coming up: the EMAs Best Pop contenders. Stay tuned for more anthems for 2010.
睇完最佳Push獎項。轉頭返嚟會有EMA最佳流行獎 — 記住繼續留意我哋嘅節目喇!
The most exciting event in 2010, EMA shall soon be applaused.
International superstars, celebrities and mind-blowing performances will be taking place in Madrid on 7th Nov.
And to get you ready for all that, we're taking you through the EMA nomination Hot List.
We've been through the nominees for the Best Male and Best Push. Now it's time to check out the nominees for Best Pop. *pop*
EMA呢個令人興奮嘅頒獎典禮好快就會揭幕!好多嚟自各地嘅國際巨星、名人、重有好多個精彩嘅表演 — 大家通通都可以喺11月7號馬德里舉行嘅EMA頒獎禮睇到。
Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus scratching out from the Best Pop category. Now into the only male - the ONLY male in our group of nominees for Best Pop.
It's Usher, but he's got a pretty good (scar?) too.
Lady GaGa同Miley Cyrus都同時喺最佳流行大獎提名名單出現。不如我哋就介紹下名單入面唯一 — 唯一一個男歌手啦!
冇錯佢就係Usher喇!雖然佢(疤痕)幾好睇 (?!)
These are the EMA nominations for Best Push, Best Pop and Best Male. Thank you for watching.
Set your alarm clocks, write it in your diaries and put it in your calendars - the music event of the year, is happening in Madrid on 7th Nov, 2010 EMAs.
終於介紹完EMA最佳Push、最佳流行同最佳男歌手提名。多謝收睇EMA熱選提名!記得校定鬧鐘、寫落schedule book或者月曆,提醒自己呢單音樂大事件;就係11月7號喺馬德里舉行嘅EMA — 2010年MTV歐洲音樂大獎頒獎禮!拜拜!


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